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Tanangachi Projects & Technologies

(Pty) Ltd

Tanangachi Projects and Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary company formed to provide the much coveted services and skills in the Engineering Consultancy, Project Management, and Building Management Services. A rigorous skills need research in the engineering sector was conducted resulting in the formation of Tanangachi Projects and Technologies (Pty) Ltd.


The target market is the industrial private sector, municipal and national government departments in the Southern African Development Community.

Company’s vision


Our vision is to provide engineering consultancy, project management, and building management services to the industry with a customer needs focus in an ethical manner.

Company’s strategic mission


Company’s strategic position in the market will grow through human capital growth and benchmarking. Engineering expertise will propel our organization ahead of the pack and maintain our strategic competitive advantage. With the expansion of engineering and construction industries, Tanangachi Projects and Technologies will keep its growth by employing latest technologies in the industry. Through excellence and harnessing human capital experience and knowledge Tanangachi Projects and Technologies (Pty) Ltd is positioned to be the leader in the engineering services sector.


      • Ethical behavior in any of our business endeavors
      • Transparency and accountability
      • Excellence driven
      • Taking responsibility
      • Action and solution focused

Business concept


Our main business focus is in project management, consulting engineering, and building management services.
1. Project Management
      • We offer full project management services (360 degrees) on behalf of main clients on turnkey projects
      • We provide risk assessment services on projects
      • We offer project schedules on Microsoft Projects (Gantt and Pert charts) for clients to track project progress
      • We provide advisory services on project overall status
2. Engineering consultancy
      • Mechanical engineering consultancy
      • Electrical engineering consultancy
      • Civil engineering consultancy
      • Structural engineering consultancy
3. Building Management Services
      • Access control technologies – Fingerprint and card technologies
      • Closed circuit television technologies
      • Time and attendance software
      • Fire detection and suppression
      • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
      • Office automation technologies
      • Public address technologies
      • Parking management technologies
      • Information, communication and technology
      • Fiber optic technologies
4. Engineering Procurement, Supply and Construction

We are the preferred supplier to the mining and industrial sector of various equipment including but not limited to:

      • Pipes and fittings
      • Bearings and seals
      • Compressors
      • Winches
      • Couplings
      • Valves
      • Pumps
      • Crushers
      • Ball and mills
      • Cranes and forklifts
      • Electrical motors
      • Electrical cables
      • Conveyor belts and accessories

Business model

Our business model is a decentralized one with decision making powers vested on managers at all levels. This eliminates the stifling of business decisions as is the case with a centralized bureaucratic model. Employee innovation and decision making freedom is the bedrock on which Tanangachi Projects and Technologies is built upon.

Growth strategy

The company’s growth strategy is through business diversification. Our core business activities are in engineering consulting, project management, and building management services including its auxiliary (feeder) projects. We do partner with other companies to gain strategic skills and resources required on unique projects. On cross border projects we partner with local companies in a home country.

Business competitiveness

Our business competitiveness is built on four solid cornerstones of value for money, customer focus, ethical behavior, and results driven. These have resulted in a long term client relationship and referral customers to Tanangachi Projects and Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Management Structure

Company organogram


Managing Director/Operations manager

Patrick Manase Phiri, MBA, Mech. Eng. is the managing director/operations manager responsible for the day to day running of the company. With more than sixteen years of working experience in the engineering sector, he is well versed in the industry dynamics.
His career has grown from engineering technician to operations manager in his sixteen years of industry experience. He is a seasoned building management consulting engineer with expertise and experience in;

      • Building management systems integration
      • Engineering consultancy
      • Project management consulting
      • Systems software programming
      • ICT technologies
      • Closed circuit television and access control technologies

 Technical Manager

Mechanical Engineering manager is Malalo Chinji, MBA, BTech. Mech. Eng. His engineering career has been across many sectors among them Sasol, Xstrata, and BHPBilliton.  His experience and competency is in the design, maintenance management and project management.

Affirmative action initiatives

Tanangachi Projects and Technologies espouse the government initiative of affirmative action. We have taken steps in promoting this cause through our employment policies.

Broad based black empowerment

Tanangachi Projects and Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a level 1 broad-based black economic empowerment company. This can be accessed on our website.